Your (new) team can apply in the upcoming week.
We will update you from now in this way. What are we doing, and planning to do now.
Our ideas have been discussed for a while, here's the plan, out in the open.
What means community engagement for us? What is the meaning of it all?
The short, sexy and catchy version requested by your supercalifragilisticexpialidocious feedback.
What's coming
Based on your input and feedback we worked out the new plan.
Get ready to (virtually) compete in this year's showcase.
Vote on these XEUCF matchups as a member and/or enjoy the European Club Finals this weekend on our YouTube!
To get involved with ultimate broadcasting this season!
We didn't make the goal, how are going to reach it?
The only thing we haven’t figured out for the showcase; what are we playing for?A dozen teams applied, enough teams that paid the starters fee, so we can start the online competition on september 14th! But, we haven't even f…