Power (Pools) To the People!

Vote on these XEUCF matchups as a member and/or enjoy the European Club Finals this weekend on our YouTube!

Here at ULTI.TV we are dedicated to bringing you EXACTLY what you want to see. So we're letting our Members vote for the Friday evening match-ups at XEUCF as well. 

Vote on the OPEN and WOMEN games tomorrow, and on the 3 MIXED Matchups on Friday.

If you want to vote, become a member on our Patreon (supports credit card and PayPal). Not only do you get voting power you directly support new livestreams and content all year around and in consequently the growth of the sport of Ultimate.

Either way, tune in this weekend for about 42 games livestreamed to you for free on our YouTube channel. Enjoy!

We made a big feature about the community that is defending the Women and Open title this weekend. Want to get hyped? Check it out.