Presenting the 2020 showcase and timeline (edited)

Your (new) team can apply in the upcoming week.

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Our first step in our Ultimate plan is to organise a showcase season.

The goal of this showcase event is to show how UltiLeague could work. Together we will build a movement that can grow towards a full European UltiLeague season in 2021 and beyond. 

Please note that the following is subject to changes, discussed here.

We want to have 12 teams compete from 4 areas (north, east, south and west). Each area will 4 qualification days and in order to get in we want to find out which teams/clubs have the most engaged fan community.

Our plan is to

  • Have a virtually competition to the worldwide Ultimate fan community 🤳🏿💻

  • After this our goal is to have 4 live qualification days with 3 teams each 🍀📺

Maybe this year, most probably next year;

  • We will have finals weekend of the European Region 🏟🤟

If your team wants to apply, the details of the proposal are behind the button below. This presentation is best viewed on desktop/laptop, or get the pdf here without gifs.

Details of the proposal


  • Teams can show initial interest until august 7th, apply directly here if you know the details.

  • We will make a team page for each team that applied. Teams will then start virtually competing against an equal amount of teams in their area.

  • Game days will be in the weekend and we will start planning those as soon as we know how many teams are in.

Important notes;

  • Founding members will be able to choose which team they want to be a member of. Their votes count as two because they bought in very early. ♥️🤟

  • Everything is aimed at making a fun but above all safe tournament. 👋😷

Of course if you win you will forever be the first team to win ‘the shiny Schwiff’ in the Universe! Other than this eternal fame and legendary status, we are interested in what you would like the prize to be. Comment your ideas below! 🤔👇

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