Short update

What's coming

I think you can imagine that when you make something you don't look at it again for a while because you're pretty sick of it and maybe even ashamed for it for how it can be even better.

“I should have fixed the typo, that can be better, it should be perfect”.

I couldn’t look at the UltiLeague promo video I made last year, but I did watch it again. It made me so happy... All those beautiful faces and languages from around the world 💜, Benji's commentating voice 💚, all these amazing players from around Europe 💙 and just an idea whose time has come. 🤟

Okay I’m getting soppy, here it is though...

We've been doing a bunch! We simplified the website; we tested our Live Spirit Game and we’ll do another soon; I’ve been emailing with (potential) partners; and I’ve been scheming my future stories to you. Here’s the ideas for the upcoming posts in the coming weeks.

  • What does equality and equity mean for us? Talking about our new focus for UltiLeague that could cover everything we strive for.

  • Open up the business. A transparent way to run an organisation, we want to open up our projects, tasks and give you bounties for adding to the organisation.

  • The Ultimate Plan. The not at all secret plan for the next 10 years to make an entertainment organisation which will make equality the new normal.

Change is the only constant, this is subject to change.

Okay bye, that’s the update!