The final final European UltiLeague Showcase plan*

Based on your input and feedback we worked out the new plan.

We want the best mixed teams in Europe compete online and on the field.

There’s only room for 4 teams, and there are currently 12 teams—there may be more that want to join. Your team can still apply if they haven’t yet.

We aim to first have teams compete by campaigning to their fans, friends and family and then play a game weekend. The 4 teams that get the most support from fans will play.

We aim to reach even more fans by working with Ultimate companies on design competitions and membership-combo deals for discs, shirts and caps.

The game weekend we’re planning

Imagine your team has won a spot for the showcase by campaigning to your friends and family and new potential fans from Europe and the world. You will play in the first tournament in Europe where your expenses are covered by the fans.

For your fans, you’re gonna want to put up a show.

We’re looking at the weekends of Oct 31st or Nov 7th to organise the showcase in Amsterdam, and basically all we need is a field and 4 teams.

The game format will be 7 games in total over 2 days, that means 3 + 3 each day + 1 final. We will focus a lot on story building of players and the teams. It will be live-streamed, captured and published by our in house and local Ulti.TV crew.

We aim to not invite any fans at the fields for now, online is where it’s at.

In September the Online Competition will start!

We want to bring value to the European Ultimate community and beyond. That’s why we are asking fans to become a member of UltiLeague and vote on their favo team.

The money raised from members pays for the league. Most of the costs are in transportation of the teams, food and drinks and the broadcasting crew.

We call this campaign the 'online competition' because teams compete online for social support from fans, friends and family.

Teams and their players compete by campaigning online but also in real life. The way to win is to hype up the community, we look forward to see what teams come up with.

We will do online liveshows to talk about what teams did and invite people to talk and hype the hype.

Ultimate companies are not rich in money right now, but they still have a social following they could use to join us to promote the showcase and teams and get the message out.

We talked to most Ultimate companies active in Europe and they are interested to campaign with us. These collaborations have the goal to sell memberships to fans and create value in the form of new and unique products.

*Together we can spread the cost, not corona

There’s a lot of things going on in the world and Europe, but not a lot of Ultimate. Our showcase may or may not happen. If we can’t do the live games this year, we will do it in May or Spring. It also depends on your interest, as usual we’re open to feedback from you.

The goal is come together as the Ultimate community to push our ambitious idea forward. We encourage everyone in Europe that can all afford €10 to come together and make this happen.

When you do this we can spread the costs to build this, and maybe we will have something positive in Ultimate happening this year.

We read and researched the NWSL protocols and stories around their success in the US organising an intimate and safe season. It’s inspiring to read how much they have been growing women soccer in the US because of it.