The (short) Ultimate Plan

On request, the short and catchy version.

In the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious feedback I got over mails, calls, beers, greens—none in the comments 🙃—there were requests to have a shorter version of the plan.

Cool, cool cool cool. The details in the Ultimate Plan can also be read later. Sure, here is the catchy teasing sexy plan some requested.

We want to see and experience a wáy more equal, mixed and fair world within 10 years. Community engagement and partnerships are at the forefront of this.

UltiLeague exists to change the way people around the world interact. We’re on a mission to make fair and mixed sport the new normal.

The Ultimate master plan:

  1. Organise a showcase season with founding members,

  2. With that value and content attract members to organise a full season,

  3. Alongside memberships sell clinics and workshops to attract partners and more members,

  4. With members discuss and vote on which new region will be next,

  5. Repeat steps 1 - 4 for new regions until at least 6 regions are live,

  6. Organise competitions between regions worldwide and grow to include more countries that can compete within regions.

We will offer a rich on-and-offline entertainment product for fans. UltiLeague will be owned by the members, the internet generation’s athletes, makers and artists. Every season will be played for tens of thousands and in the future hundreds of thousands of fans buying memberships to an exciting uplifting family friendly video game like experience on screens and on the fields.

Founding members contributed when the ideas were still very vague, they just believed in our mission. Alongside founders, members will form the community at large that can be leveraged to have a more natural marketing to people by companies. This will be the way we can make UltiLeague sustainable.

Partnerships will be formed around companies that want to promote positive diverse content and want to attract members for UltiLeague. They will have to work for it and give free stuff to reach the internet generations through this evolved way of influential internet advertising.

Regions are defined by dividing the world into 6 geographically, culturally and verbally diverse areas. We will start in the broader Europe (including Russia). We will build a global inclusive collaborative internet economy built around the ultimate sport. That means that we will enable people to make a decent living promoting memberships. Everyone can do this by producing, editing and spreading content. Players and coaches can do this by facilitating clinics and workshops.

The world wants it, let’s make it.

When you do want to read the full details and thought experiments after all, here’s the link:

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