What if teams can apply to play

Get ready to (virtually) compete in this year's showcase.

Our first step in our Ultimate plan is to organise a showcase.

We got questions why clubs and teams couldn’t just apply their teams directly rather than having players apply individually.

For the showcase, instead of community raised players, there will be community raised teams. Teams will be able to enthuse members to become a fan, they can come from their clubs or friendly clubs/associations. Communities can also gather fans outside the Ultimate scene/cult because it’s a more attractive proposal:

“Our mixed gender team will compete in an elite frisbee tournament in Europe, follow our journey for €10”

This mini tournament is for the fans, and that means that all the games are livestreamed at a convenient time and the focus is on engaging storytelling.

We’re finishing up the proposal for teams. In our little Eurotour (check our stories) I got some great feedback in person on our ideas, if you want to also take a look and give feedback—just reply to this email and then we will schedule a call.