What we raised with 6 teams, and what's next?

We didn't make the goal, how are going to reach it?

Hey. Let's be realistic, we did not make the goal we set. Maybe it was our campaign, maybe it was corona, maybe it was the weather.

Maybe it's all of the above, but that doesn't stop us from hucking forward!

We're not going to do an event this year due to the lack of funds and corona restrictions.

We will start another campaign in 2021; this time we put more time and thought to it with the members and teams. We were ‘in a hurry’ because we wanted to organise a small scale showcase before the winter and before another wave in Europe.

People want this and we will find our magic formula that scales to fans.

We made encouraging progress, we have 150 new members in our community, members paid in between €10 - €100 to get memberships. The average is €14 per new member.

Members could vote on the team they want to see play in future games.

The 4 teams that won the Online Competition deserve a spot in the showcase!

Member are part of the community now, where they see the updates and share their reactions and ideas.

We talked to the teams in our forums to find a consensus on what is next. We found out it's not as simple as making a decision as an organisation.

I personally prefer to lead by example, along side always requesting feedback. This is my hierarchical but also egalitarian approach to leadership. I like to get something off the ground first and show something rather than talking about doing something.

After an experiment I like talk to people about what went well, and what could have been better.

From our whole organisation, thank you for becoming part of this, thank you for sharing your feedback, thank you for sharing our adventure with the world!

The non financial goal of the Online Competition was to activate the communities behind clubs and teams, and that worked!

We are looking at the future and we are considering a clearer crowd funding campaign. We will prepare this year and start it in 2021 to completely fund the showcase and to hit the ground running as an organisation.

5 things that could work in the future campaign

We’ve learned what could work in a potential new crowd funding campaign to make this showcase happen.

  1. Clearer goal how much we need to raise to organise a league,

  2. Better info of who’s behind the league and which teams are in,

  3. Fans can buy discs designed by creators from the community,

  4. Fans can buy shirts of the teams that are in the showcase,

  5. Better offerings for companies and (online) brands to sponsor the story.

We could say our two campaigns, both the ‘Founding Campaign’ and the recent ‘Online Competition’, have been preparations for this clear campaign.

We will do this alongside other important activities

Alongside this campaign we’re talking to UK Ultimate and the European Ultimate Federation for corona safe smaller events that could grow the sport.

All while we're developing the ulti.TV platform... We will enable our people to build a cross continental content platform which is a crucial for UltiLeague to work.

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